Always Thinking Big, Panama Launches Three New Infrastructure „Megaprojects“


Ahead of June opening of massive Panama Canal expansion, the Government of Panama announces major new transportation and energy projects valued at USD$4 billion

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (May 26, 2016)– The Government of Panama announced today the commencement of three major new transportation and energy megaprojects with international investments and partnerships worth over $4 billion.

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Presidente Varela instala Comité Independiente que evaluará prácticas del sistema financiero de Panamá


Panamá, 29 de abril de 2016. El presidente de la República Juan Carlos Varela instaló hoy el Comité Independiente de Expertos Nacionales e Internacionales anunciado en su Mensaje la Nación del pasado 6 de abril de 2016.

El Comité evaluará las prácticas vigentes del centro de servicios financieros panameño y propondrá medidas que deberá compartir con otros países para fortalecer la transparencia de los sistemas financieros y legales,…

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President of Panama Announces Members of Independent Task Force on Financial Transparency

Panama City (April 29, 2016) – As a continuation of reforms already instituted in Panama, President of the Republic of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, officially announced at a ceremony in Panama City the members that will comprise a blue-ribbon independent task force on financial transparency, including Nobel Prize winning economist and former chief economist at the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz and former member of the Financial Action Task…

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The Guardian: Don’t blame Panama for the Panama Papers


Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado

A trove of leaked documents relating to offshore corporations with ties to the rich and famous has shed light on the extent to which the world’s financial and corporate centres are vulnerable to abuse by those seeking to hide their wealth.

The affair has unfairly come to be known as the Panama Papers, even though, as the documents show, tax evasion and financial crimes are global problems to which no nation is immune.

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Um die Handelsbeziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Panama zu fördern, wurde eine erste Version des Panama Business Day in Hamburg entwickelt und von der Handelskammer Hamburg gefördert.

An der Konferenz zur Wirtschaftsförderung Panamas nahm eine Delegation der Agentur Panamá Pacífico teil, die Bankenaufsichtsbehörde, die Freihandelszone Colón, die Maritime Aufsichtsbehörde Panama (ATP) und die Firma Transmisión Eléctrica (ETESA).

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