Mutual Administrative Assistance Convention for Tax Matters into Law

Panama-to-mantain-Strong-EconomicPanama’s President Juan Carlos Varela Signs Mutual Administrative Assistance Convention for Tax Matters into Law
As a continuation of President Varela’s fight against tax evasion, the Government of Panama now allows for exchange of tax information on request with over 100 tax jurisdictions

22 FEBRUARY (Panama City) – President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela signed into law today the implementation of the Mutual Administrative Assistance Convention (MAC), which allows for sharing tax information multilaterally on request with the 107 jurisdictions that are part of the convention and provides a common legal basis for cooperation on tax matters…

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Panama National Parks

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Panama to mantain Strong Economic Groth according to IMF

Panama-to-mantain-Strong-EconomicPanama’s economic performance over the past decade recognized as strongest in the region
Panama City (June 14, 2016) – After the conclusion of the Article IV Consultation with Panama on May 23, 2016, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that Panama’s economy has enjoyed the highest growth in the region over the past decade, and will remain one of the region’s strongest over the medium term.

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Expansion of the Panama Canal

Erweiterung des Panamakanals
Inauguration of the expansion of the Panama Canal

June 26, 2016

Photo exhibition and video

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Always Thinking Big, Panama Launches Three New Infrastructure „Megaprojects“


Ahead of June opening of massive Panama Canal expansion, the Government of Panama announces major new transportation and energy projects valued at USD$4 billion

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (May 26, 2016)– The Government of Panama announced today the commencement of three major new transportation and energy megaprojects with international investments and partnerships worth over $4 billion.

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