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The Republic of Panama, through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), supports all seafarers without distinction of nationality when making crew changes in vessels of all kinds, belonging to the Panamanian Registry as well as registered with other flags in our territorial waters, in frank collaboration with the member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

This action is exercised in recognition of the work carried out by seafarers as essential workers, being a fundamental link in the global supply chain, in addition to complying with the Conventions ratified by the Republic of Panama.

The exceptional circumstances currently being experienced in the world due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted us to provide a response through joint work with various Government institutions so that since last March 19, 2020 to date, September 13, 2020, we have reached a disembarkation of de 5 thousand 890 and the embarkation of 1,514 seafarers of various nationalities, including Panamanians, from different types of vessels that arrive in our jurisdictional waters and ports, which has been a valuable and rewarding experience.

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